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Intuitive and Psychic Development CEU Course

Intuitive and Psychic Development CEU Course

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Have you ever desired to be able to instantly tap into your own inner-knowingness to make truly inspired life decisions?  Perhaps you’ve wondered about ways to develop your intuitive and even psychic abilities in a way that you can use both personally and professionally?  And perhaps there is simply a part of you that desires to connect with a deeper source, your spirit guides or what you may even call “The Voice for God Within”?


If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions then we are pleased to introduce you to Intuitive Counselor, Mary Hayes.  Mary is a very gifted clairvoyant, channel and medium who brings her gifts to the world while empowering others to realize that we all have these intuitive gifts as well.  This 8-Hour CEU Course was designed to help you to tap into your own inner guidance and to find your YES!


Mary’s system is simple, easy to learn and works for the most basic novice to the most advanced practitioner.  Join Mary in these 8 hours as she:

- Teaches
- Channels
- Guides group exercises you can do on your own at home
- Explains her gifts and how you can develop your own

Mary’s unique and delightful personality makes this course exceptionally accessible and enjoyable.  During this journey you get to experience:

- A 6-hour “Express your YES!” Workshop with Mary
- Direct Teachings made just for this course
- An Actual Channeling Session at an IAIH Conference


For certified hypnotherapists this course counts as 8 hours of IAIH approved CEUs and are meant to enhance the professional experience of any facilitator from any tradition.

Student Learning Objectives:

- To discuss in detail the definition of intuition and the importance of using this in work and in everyday life.
- To participate in simple exercises in order to better understand how the body physically experiences and expresses intuition. 

- To learn simple tools and techniques, such as the YES! Technique, in order to readily access intuition at any time.
- To be reminded of the importance of self-care and learn specific ways to improve this aspect of life. 
 - To feel renewed, uplifted, confident and inspired.