Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy

Self-Hypnosis and Meditation CEU Course

It is with great pleasure that I offer you this course on the basics of self-hypnosis and meditation.  For me it was extraordinarily pleasurable to create these videos as for every meditation that I shared with you I got to go into myself.  With the essential aim of this course to be that of being more calm, relaxed and at peace, I can truly say that anyone who watches these videos will find more serenity and more ease within their bodies and their minds.  The teachings here are far more experiential rather than intellectual, as students inevitably learn all of the information while in an altered state.


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The videos are broken down into two 4-hour sections.  The first section on self-hypnosis goes into multiple hypnosis sessions that go ever deeper and become ever more pleasant enjoyable. While the second section on meditation brings more structure to the altered state and teaches us to bring the fruits of our practice into our daily lives.  Below you will find an overview of the two sections of this training:




Introduction and Definitions



Types and Styles


Helpful Guidelines

Basic Hypnotic Induction

Learning to Sit in Meditation

Basic Deepening

Learning to Breathe in Meditation

Progressive Relaxation

Integrating the Breath

Autogenic Stress Reduction

What to do with your Mind


Basic Energy Work

Sequential Imagery

Basic Chakra Work

Your Special Place

Combining Hypnosis and Meditation

Laughter Therapy

Creating a Meditation Retreat


Walking Meditation


Every Moment Meditation

Drop Down and Through Variations

Concluding Hypnosis and Meditation Session


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