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Sonia M. Lozada, CCHt

Sonia Lozada Hypnotist
4328 Main St.
Bridgeport, CT 06606
203-545 7439
Languages: English, Spanish
After years working with a good position in the financial field, with my bachelor degree as Business Administrator I was always asking God to show me my life purpose, I still have an empty space within me, but for many years I was unconsciously getting prepare for what I discovered to be my passion, my reason of being here in this world and I finally understood my life purpose. It was to become a Hypnotherapist to help others heal themselves.
I love to read and almost all my lecture has been a personal growth; most of the time I was looking for ways to be a better person, to feel calmness within myself, more self assured, to raise my self esteem, and try to please the people around me, but I still feel that emptiness that was keeping me from being happy.
After listening to a motivational speaker that said if you want to find your life purpose you need to take time with yourself, listening in silence to your own inner voice and I said to myself this is it. I started to meditate, after months of meditating I finally was able to communicate with my inner voice and find the answer I was asking God for, and I became a Hypnotherapist, the most rewarding job that I can have. I feel grateful every day  with God and the universe for this new path in my life, Each time I help a person and I see the outcome of one of my therapies I only feel more and more gratitude for my career as Hypnotherapist and feel more energized and empowered to offer this amazing therapy to the world and to put my contribution in an effort to keep people healthy and happy.
I got a lot of sessions of hypnosis to heal myself, and thanks to a great hypnotherapist I was able to shift and transform several episodes from my childhood and youth life that had been kept me from being happy, and to find my real life purpose.
I was trained at Florida Institute of Hypnotherapist, the first and only state licensed hypnotherapy school approved by the Florida Department of Education. I  got my Certification with more than 500 hours of training and practical classes and I got certified  by the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists (IAIH) and as today I keep getting lectures and attending classes that keep me up to date to provide my clients with the best and knowledgeable techniques.
Now, after my own transformation, with the training, skills, and certifications that I acquired I am here to help you to transform your life too and to heal the illnesses your own subconscious had created to your body and mind through your own erroneous beliefs, emotion and thoughts. I am peaceful, caring, loving, and nonjudgmental person who is here to help you get the freedom, health and happiness you deserve.
Bachelor degree as Business Administrator
Certification in Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapy from Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy in 2013
Continuing Education
Certified Clinical & Transpersonal Hypnotherapist - Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy
CT Registered Hypnotist
Professional Memberships
International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists, Member since 2013