Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy

Tuition and Financial Assistance


Paying For Your Training:


IIH offers many flexible payment options to meet almost any budget.  Tuition is usually paid per Program, however, there is never a need for one large payment.  Flexible financing options make it possible for us to offer payment plans that are right for you and that keep things simple and stress-free.  Tuition is $17.50 per clock hour.


Tuition Starts with our 20-Hour Introduction at $300 (where $200 is a refundable deposit)

**Call 1-800-551-9247 or email us at info@tfioh.com for information on all of our tuition options and a catalog explaining all of our programs.



Payment Plans:

IIH offers very flexible financial assistance for those who qualify.  Call us to discuss our different financing options at (813) 463-0264 or (800) 551-9247.

IIH offers financing with monthly payments at approximately $300 per month, with interest rates as low as 13.99%.  Student loans and payment plans are managed by TFC Tuition Financing, yet please call the school for more information about our specific programs.



IIH offers scholarships for students who meet all of the standards of the admissions interview process.  Scholarships are available for all students who qualify and allow for a reduction in tuition of 10%.  Ask an Admissions Representative for details.



Vocational Rehabilitation:


IIH is an official vendor for Vocational Rehabilitation (VF#202535784002) through the Department of Education.  Prospective students with disabilities first need to be client's with the Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation.  Visit www.rehabworks.org to learn more or call the school directly to understand proper protocols for eligibility.



Local Accommodations:

IIH works with local hotels for those who drive or fly in for their practical hours.  We are usually able to find you significanlty reduced rates and can pair you up with a classmate to reduce the cost of your visit by one-half.  Call us and we will be happy to make recommendations and to get you in touch with fellow classmates. For more information on local hotels, click here.


Reduced Pricing with Courtyard Marriott for IIH Students and IAIH Conference Participants

While there are less expensive hotels in the Tampa area, IIH has worked out a deal with a very nice 3-star hotel that is within walking distance of our main location.  Click on the image or the link below to access the IIH webpage for the Courtyard Marriott, designed by them especially for us.

Only IIH students and IAIH members can access these reduced rates, therefore please call the school for the necessary codes to book online or over the phone.









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