From FIH Graduate and IAIH Member – Kim Croft, CHT

“I wanted to tell you my experience in Orlando obtaining my business license from the city.


The clerk first thought a Hypnotist needed to be licensed because it is listed as a profession in the FL statutes. I insisted we did not. When she did more research she discovered the Florida Hypnosis statues which all TFIOH graduates know well. 


She printed them ALL off and asked me if I planned to provide therapy, and did I want to read what it said. I responded that a hypnotist in the state of Florida is not allowed to practice therapeutic hypnosis unless under the direction of a licensed health care practitioner such as a doctor, psychologist, dentist, or similar; had proper training, and would need a prescription or referral. However, we are able to practice hypnosis for weight loss, to stop smoking, relaxation, and other type things without that direct oversight.


She looked very surprised, paused, then said, "that's exactly what this says." She went on to read the entire section about Melbourne, their refusal to grant a business license until you [Matthew Brownstein] had gotten involved, and the outcome. Then she asked me if I had any educational credentials or certifications to show I was qualified. I showed her my TFIOH diplomas and related certifications (and she noticed your name on the diploma's). She smiled. She made copies and attached them to my application (they are actually noted on my Orlando City business file). Then she made copies for all the other business license clerk stations as well.


Moral of the story is: Get your education from a credible, state licensed school (easy choice, TFIOH); know the applicable laws (which you will if you graduate from TFIOH), and take copies of ALL your credentials when you submit your business license application.


It was a really nice feeling, after waiting 2 hours in line, to know I had what I needed - qualifications and paperwork - to get the job done in one pass.”



Matthew Brownstein, CHT

CEO, Anahat Education Group, Inc.

President, International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy

Executive Director, Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy