IAIH and the County of Sarasota, Florida

A current student checked in on getting a Business Tax Receipt from the City of Sarasota and was told that they would not offer this to her as she was not a “licensed practitioner of the healing arts” according to the Florida Department of Health.  This is true, yet they were denying her right to practice a federally acknowledged occupation as a graduate of a State-Licensed Hypnotherapy school, where she has earned her right to practice.

I called the County of Sarasota and we talked this issue out.  I agree with their position with the Department of Health, yet insisted that our graduates have a right to utilize their State-Licensed education in a federally acknowledged occupation.  The woman at the County Office explained that a “Service Business Tax Receipt” will be offered in Sarasota County for Hypnotherapists as “receipt for taxes that are paid for performing a service.”  This was perfectly agreeable to me and from the perspective of the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy and the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists, we feel that as long as this County is allowing our graduates to practice their occupation, then they are allowing for the free and open practice of Hypnotherapy as an occupation.

All Hypnotherapists must remember to practice within the scope of their training and within the law as laid out in the Florida Hypnosis Statutes.  According to the law, a distinction must be made between therapeutic and non-therapeutic hypnosis and when therapeutic hypnosis is being used, then the Hypnotherapist must receive a prescription, referral, supervision or direction from the appropriate “licensed practitioner of the healing arts.”  The law states that this practitioner must acknowledge that this person is “qualified” to utilize hypnotic technique and therefore being a graduate of a State-Licensed School, such as the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, helps to ensure that our graduates maintain high standards of practice and that referring practitioners can know that they are referring with confidence.

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