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Attending In-House Practicals Hours

Dear Current Students,

COVID-19 has caused us to make a lot of changes to how we deliver our in-house practical hours.  Please read this webpage and the next one CAREFULLY and SLOWLY and then please follow the instructions exactly to ensure your safety and that you arrive at the right place at the right time.  This is a new system and we ask for your patience as we iron out any wrinkles.

1. After reading this page and clicking CONTINUE at the bottom, you will be taken to an Informed Consent webpage.  Please read this carefully.  Your responsible actions are crucial to ensuring the safety of our staff and students.  You will be asked to provide your name, email and phone number each time that you sign up for practicals showing us that you read the Informed Consent webpage and are following these policies.

2.  Once you agree to our Informed Consent form, then you will be taken to a scheduling webpage where you sign up for practicals.  You will need to create an account there.  This is a third-party website and therefore you will need to register with them with a differnt login and password than what you use on this website.  

3. Be sure that you sign up for the right location and for the right days.  Space is extermely limited due to social distancing and we need you to be very mindful of signing up properly and being at the right location at the right times and in a way that is safe for everyone.


4.  We are not allowing graduates to repeat practicals now.  Only staff or current students in good standing may attend.  Students may only sign up for practicals if they meet the following criteria:

a. You are current on all tuition payments

b. You have logged 70% or more of required pass-codes for the section of practicals that you wish to attend

c. You have passed the necessary quiz for the section that you wish to attend.


5. The schedule below contains all dates for practicals through 2022.  Please only sign up for one set at a time and only one location at a time.  We will do our best to stick to these dates, yet the school always reserves the right to change this schedule as necessary.  Practical hours must be taken in order from Fundamentals to Transpersonal.  You cannot skip ahead.

6. The deadline for signing up for any given set of practicals is three weeks before.  Registration after that may be denied due to space regulations.


For any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at 800-551-9247 or email Student Services directly.