Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy

Basic NLP Certification - 40-Hour In-House Training

Dr. Will Horton Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy

Program Title: Basic NLP Practitioner Training

Number of Clock Hours: 40

Credential Awarded: Basic Practitioner of NeuroLinguistic Programming

Certified Master Trainer:  Dr. William Horton

Location:  IIH Tampa, Florida Location

DatesPostponed due to COVID-19

Cost:  $995 


Do you want to address serious change using NLP in professional hypnosis?
Learn how to do NLP inductions, NLP techniques, and NLP conversational hypnosis

Will Horton, Psy.D. **

Dr. Will Horton is an expert in addiction, an expert in NLP and a licensed psychologist. What you will be learning are the techniques and applications of NLP that produce rapid and lasting change.

Imagine easily integrating NLP into your Therapy & Hypnosis sessions…

You will be able to begin each session not just with a pre-talk, but with conversational hypnosis.

You will master the all the basic NLP Skills and the 7 essential NLP patterns every professional hypnotist should have in their repertoire.

You will be able to do instant inductions, pattern interrupts, and utilize every modality of NLP.

The sessions you conduct will be flexible, based on client need, and address real-world issues like addiction, anger & depression, behavioral and lifestyle change, and accessing higher-resource states of peak performance.

…You will be a better hypnotist with faster results!

Join Dr. Will Horton, Psy.D. MCAP for a rare opportunity to transform your life personally, professionally and financially. The best part? We are giving you professional training manuals, with resources, scripts and patters you can use with your clients.

We are going to give you the right resources to do the best job with clients. We do not have a gimmick or a patented program to sell you. We have the research that shows what really works best, and we are going to give you the research, the scripts, the videos, and the tools you need to create a successful path as a professional hypnotist using NLP. The result will be better outcomes, happier clients, and more referrals.

  • This Basic NLP  is a 4-day live personal and professional development and empowerment training experience based on the principles of NLP. You will immediately be able to scale-up your success with these types of clients:
  • Addiction Clients
  • Emotionally Stuck Clients
  • Athletes and Executive Seeking Peak Performance
  • Hypnotherapy Clients
  • Fearful and Phobic Clients
  • and many others!

Professional learning materials. You will leave this class with real resources so that you can structure each session for maximum success. We will give you the forms we use, the assessment tools we use and share freely with you the techniques, structure and step-by-step “how to’s” of professional NLP. You will know exactly what to do in each session, from the first session to the last session.

You will see powerful demonstrations, and have the opportunity to have  Will work with you personally to overcome anything either known or unknown keeping you for moving to an expert level. This class is limited so we can dedicate the time to address YOUR specific needs.

Master NLP Language The Easy Way and Make Your Sessions Better!

You will leave this class well prepared and you will master:

  • The Basic NLP Techniques that made NLP Famous
  • Special  The Seven Essential NLP Patterns for Professional Hypnosis!
  • Step-by-Step protocals for NLP change work
  • Basic Addictions overview and applications
  • The all new Magic Mirror to  Creating A New Life (Great for helping addition!)
  • NLP based induction strategies
  • The pattern interrupt that always smashes through resistance with any client

If you’ve been looking for the skills, techniques, and strategies to shift your mind, transform your life and grow your business, this live NLP class is the place to be.






Content Covered:

  • Introduction to NLP
  • Questions and Answers About NLP
  • Working With Integrity
  • Martial Arts & NFNLP    
  • Further Defining NLP    
  • Basic NLP Terminology    
  • Flow from Input to Output    
  • Sensory Acuity    
  • Exercise - Opening Your Senses    
  • Why NLP Works    
  • Eye Accessing Movements    
  • Representational Systems    
  • Predicates    
  • Sense and non-sense    
  • Senses in Language    
  • Sense preferences    
  • The Power of Sensory Language    
  • The power of stimulation    
  • Reflecting the Sense Preference    
  • Witches Brew    
  • Sub-Modality Distinctions    
  • Mapping Across Love to Disgust    
  • Sensory Perceptual Strategies    
  • Natural Theory of NLP    
  • The Reticular Activating System (RAS)    
  • Sensory Acuity and Rapport    
  • Mirror Neurons    
  • Major Presuppositions of NLP    
  • TOTE    
  • Building Rapport    
  • Introducing The Meta Model    
  • Information Gathering: The Key to Successful Interactions    
  • Exquisite Information Gathering    
  • The Meta-Model    
  • Three Universal Modeling Processes    
  • Meta-Model Outline Summary
  • Body Language
  • Anchoring    
  • Multiple Accessing Representations    
  • Classical conditioning    
  • Anchoring and Adding a Resource    
  • Chaining Anchors    
  • Changing Personal History    
  • Re-Parenting    
  • Circle of Excellence & Power    
  • Eliminating Fears and Phobias    
  • The Fast Phobia/Trauma Relief Technique    
  • How to Mend a Broken Heart    
  • Visual Squash (revised)    
  • The New Behavior Generator    
  • Role Modeling    
  • Big-Yes/Huge-No    
  • The Swish Pattern    
  • Computer Swish    
  • Godiva Chocolate Pattern    
  • Godiva Chocolate Pattern Advanced    
  • Swish Pattern Exercise – Version 1    
  • Swish Pattern Exercise – Version 2    
  • Developing Self-Appreciation    
  • Building Self-Confidence    
  • APPENDIX I: Enhancing Awareness    
  • APPENDIX II: Timeline – Hurry Up and Slow Down    
  • Giving Yourself More Time – Control Your Internal Clock    
  • APPENDIX III: Lie / Truth Submodalities Exercise    
  • APPENDIX IV: Reframing for Change!    
  • APPENDIX V: Glossary of Common NLP Terms    
  • APPENDIX VI: NFNLP Activity Summary