Mysticism, Mesmerism and the Ancient Mysteries

Exploring Ancient Wisdom Traditions and Hypnotism within the World’s Great Spiritual Traditions

By Matthew Brownstein, CHT

Thousands of years ago in ancient Greece, Persia, Egypt and India there existed “Sleep Temples” where those who were seeking healing and enlightenment would enter into sacred spaces and altered states while they listened to the mystical prayers of the temple priests who spoke about their health, happiness and well-being.  Initiates, spiritual seekers and those seeking relief from suffering have often sought out the ancient mysteries to deepen their understanding of the world and to improve their lives.  In the year 2012 not much has changed as far as our intentions go, however, now the methods have become highly refined, widely accessible and beautifully articulated.

In the history of Hypnotism not much is spoken of from the time of the ancient sleep temples and the pioneering works of Franz Anton Mesmer – the founder of a powerful movement known as Mesmerism where the belief in an unseen force known as “animal magnetism” was transferred from the healer to the one being healed. However, in the Orient the phenomena of “energy transfer” had been occurring for countless centuries.  The prolific author, teacher and lecturer Ormond McGill wrote, The Mysticism and Magic of India where students learn all about the origins of what is known as Oriental Hypnosis.  In The Magic and Occultism of India, by L.W. De Laurence, we also read of the profound work that has been occurring in altered states since recorded history, including the Pythagorean and Egyptian Mystery Schools.

As Franz Anton Mesmer’s theories were considered to be erroneous the phenomena of Mesmerism fell out of popular favor, until other pioneers found more scientifically based understandings about why what Mesmer was doing was actually working.  Relegating the healings that occurred to the power of belief, imagination and suggestion, many other practitioners could more reputably practice what became known as Hypnotism without having the negative connotations that went along with the controversial ideas of Mesmer and his followers.

Yet while the human intellect longs for logic, proof and a scientific basis in its endeavors, the human spirit longs for the ancient mysteries.  Regardless of our conscious minds, our hearts are quite comfortable with discussions about energy, healing, love, wisdom and bliss.  We all want high educational standards, well-regulated learning institutions and research based and scientifically proven modalities, yet we also long for wonder, awe and miracles.  Hypnotherapy, as taught at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, has joyfully blended State-Licensed Diplomas through the Florida Department of Education and the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners into a profound movement into Classical, Clinical, Medical, Metaphysical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapy that leaves the intellect satisfied and the heart truly fulfilled.

Every Monday night, we offer free online classes that explore the ancient mysteries and the profundities of Hypnotism and Mesmerism.  Topics include: Spirituality and Prosperity, Hypnosis and Religion, Mysticism, Meditation and the Out-of-Body Experience, as well as tried and true business and marketing strategies that create successful and fulfilling careers in what the New York Times called “one of the top new professions of the 21st Century.”  For more information call us at (800) 551-9247 or visit us online at

Matthew Brownstein is the Executive Director of Anahat Education Group, Inc, and the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy.  He is the author of The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment and The Sacred Geometry of Meditation.  Matthew is the lead instructor at the Institute and leads all of the school’s Free Monday Night Online Classes.