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- Is Love Hypnosis?

This is synopisis of topic discussed most recently during a free Monday night webinar on Septmeber 2, 2013.

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Become a Hypnotist.

And you may wonder - is Love Hypnosis?

This was the topic of September 30th, 2013 Monday Night Hypnotherpay class.

Provided by Matthew Brownstein and the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy

Is Hypnosis Love   

To answer the question, we must define our terms.   

Hypnosis  by definition is a natural, yet altered state of mind where there is communication and responsiveness with the subconscious mind. In that sense,

Hypnosis is by definition is not love  itself,

however through the use of Hypnotherapy people can be led to the experience of love  and therefore the two terms "hypnosis ” and "love ” are worthy of being put into the same question and to be explored as both being valuable and truly meaningful in the human experience. 

People start to realize this as they studied hypnotherapy and learn to become a hypnotist as well.





We all want to feel love

and if we are honest, then we can admit that a lot of our day is spent in thoughts that are unloving.  We are living in a state of mind that usually has a lot to do with thoughts that are hurtful to ourselves and others. 


When we return to love , we literally are entering into an altered state because we have made a shift from one state of mind to another.  This shift actually begins in the mind and then transfers to the heart.  When a person thinks unloving thoughts, they then have unloving feelings. 

A heart that is open and free is fueled by a mind that is rooted in a direct experience of love. 

 Love is the essence of our being. 

It is always there.  Hypnotherapy has the ability to access our subconscious mind to find deep-seated thoughts that are not aligned with love .  When these thoughts are transformed, then the emotional shifts can be instantaneous and our physiology follows as well.  This is where true miracles arise from.  When the power of the mind is acknowledged and when we see that thoughts fuel emotions, then we see that all roads lead back to hypnosis   because all roads lead back to the importance of healing the mind.






What is the value of touching our loving core?


The great poet Hafiz wrote a poem on love     saying,

“The subject tonight is love .  In fact, the subject every night should be love .” 

Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy can have many uses, yet when its practitioners become a hypnotist for example, if taught with correct understanding - they understand that which truly moves them to be of service. 

It becomes hard to tell the difference between Hypnosis  and Love  since first comes being and then comes doing. When we are Love , then quite often we do Hypnotherapy - and become Hypnotherapists as we do it from a loving place - rather than just those that simply become hypnotists.

This is something to consider when we think about the peaceful and settled feelings that become common with hypnosis. Hynotherapy offers an oppertunity to help those we work with reach blissful states and purposeful lives. 

These is why many of us choose to practice hypnotherapy when they consider becoming a hypnotist.


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