Life Mastery Hypnotherapy for the New Year

Life has many different levels from which we can function. Many people live what might be called “average” lives. Some are more successful than other in various aspects of life and it could easily be said that the differences we see are the result of many factors and that it is certainly no one’s right to judge the life of another. When it comes down to it, we must take inventory of our own lives and ask ourselves this one primary question:

Am I Living the Life that I Truly Want to Live?

Life Mastery Hypnotherapy is about truly taking the time to ask this question and to get clear on the answers. To do this we break down our lives into the five major life-categories from which we all function: Spiritual, Mental/Emotional, Physical, Relationships and Career/Finances. Of course there are other categories, such as housing, transportation, education, etc. yet for now we will keep our attention on these five.

What does it mean to have Mastery over Life Categories?

Mastery is a strong word, yet we equate it here to terms like: self-actualization, personal fulfillment, or just a general sense of peace and well-being in all of the above mentioned categories. What might be considered fulfilling for one person may certainly not be fulfilling for another, therefore we are once again asked to bring up the question of: Am I personally satisfied with my life?

How can Hypnotherapy Help?

If the answer is no and we admit that we want certain areas in our lives to improve, then one of the first major areas to look is at our minds. We do not have to learn hypnosis or engage in Hypnotherapy certification training, to utilize some of the basic teachings on Life Mastery that are taught at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy What we must simply acknowledge is that all true change begins with our very own minds.

How Does Changing My Life Create Life Mastery?

Life Mastery Hypnotherapy looks at all five of your major life categories and then applies tried and true principles of transformation to make this happen on both conscious and subconscious levels. This includes looking at aspects of Life Mastery, such as your: Mission, Values, Alignment with Universal Principles of Success, Your Life Vision, Your Goals, Your Specific Life-Categories Prioritized, and all the way down to understanding and working with a To Do List, a Day-Timer and a Dream Board.

We can all tap into aspects of these understandings through the free Monday Night Classes held live online at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy at 7:00pm. For more information visit: