Consciousness - disconnected from a body?

Have you ever experienced your consciousness as being a part from your physical body?

The truth is that over 20 million Americans

have reported (according to a recent Gallup Poll)

that they have had Near-Death-Experiences.

A Near-Death-Experience is when a person feels that their physical body and their own consciousness were clearly in two different locations. An example of a near death experience:

While their body was being resuscitated in a hospital bed, they often report floating above the body and seeing what is happening or being in some kind of light experience where they encounter other non-physical beings.



See some more examples:

These experiences are profound and life-changing for people.

Can you voluntarily have a Near-Death-Experience?

Outside of movies they are not known to occur voluntarily - and the truth is that they often occur under the most negative of circumstances. At the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy, we offer products, direct course training (as part of our hypnotherapy education), and free classes that teach people how to leave their bodies consciously and voluntarily – and often under very comfortable circumstances.

The out-of-body experience can be induced through the use of hypnosis and various techniques that attune our energy and consciousness to experience our existence as non-physical beings.

The process goes in 5 major stages.



Check out the Youtube video - with showing 5 very non-ordinary states of being!





These include:

  • 1. Profound relaxation – Easily achieved through learning hypnosis and its deeper levels
  • 2. The Vibrational State – A state where the subtle energy body easily leaves the physical
  • 3. Rotation and Separation – Techniques are learned to get out of the body and to move away from it
  • 4. Travel – Techniques are learned for directing where to go and how to go where you want to go
  • 5. Return – Hypnotic Programming for Astral Projection can allow for a safe and comfortable return.

We use hypnosis frequently at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy to induce deep altered states for a variety of reasons where help people to reach their goals. To learn hypnosis and to learn of the more esoteric aspects of its practice makes for a much more exciting and fulfilling career. Not only do we get to help people with their problems, yet we can take our clients into heights of self-realization that they may never have known about before. When a person is ready, then higher dimensions of consciousness are available for them.  

Hypnosis becomes a gateway to non-ordinary states of consciousness where:

  • we can indeed learn to fly,
  • experience spirit guides,
  • ascend to astral realities
  • even experience cosmic consciousness
  • union with our Source.

We are truly unlimited beings

and no one ever said that you had to be

in your body 24 hours per day.

We are free and this experience, when fostered through hypnosis, very gently and easily shows us how powerful we really are – it all begins with an intention to learn hypnosis and then to take the hypnotherapy training to a whole other level.