If you are on a spiritual path, you may have heard of shadow work.  Leading a spiritual life inevitably leads to shadow work.  “Who knows what lurks in the hearts of men?  The Shadow knows.”  That was the introduction of the Shadow radio program from the 1930’s.  It’s true, the shadow does know what lurks in your heart.  Shadow work is giving recognition to your own darker side.  The shadow is a Jungian archetype.  According to Jung, the shadow is irrational and inclined to projection.  That means it will perceive a deficiency in someone else.  This is quite harmful to your relationships.  It is also quite harmful to you, as you are not perceiving what is actually there.  Instead, you are projecting it.  The purpose of doing your shadow work is to stop projecting and to start loving.  A qualified hypnotherapist can gently assist you with your shadow work.


Avoiding it is actually worse than confronting it.  A shadow becomes visible only when it is brought into the light.  Admitting it brings it into the light.  Running away from your shadow will not make it go away, but approaching it will.  Have you ever been driving due west at sunset in traffic?  The sun is in your eyes.  The cars ahead of you look dark.  The cars behind you look normal.  If you pass a car that’s ahead of you, it doesn’t look dark anymore.  This is my analogy of shadow work.  The good part is that every aspect of your shadow is actually a gift you can use to improve your life.


Events in your life have affected your reality.  They got encoded deep down in your memory where they are not usually accessible in your normal waking state.  Hypnotherapy can help you free yourself from the past and the problems that have held you back for so long.  Feeling that you are stuck in a rut, or wasting your life is really depressing.  It can leave you feeling tired, with no motivation.  When the information stored in your subconscious about the events in your life is the result of faulty processing, the information is inaccurate.  This creates uncomfortable feelings.  Hypnosis can be used to find the deepest root of the primary cause of those uncomfortable feelings.  It can help you free yourself and move on with your life in a positive, enlightened and creative manner.  Shadow work and hypnotherapy will assist you in knowing who you really are instead of spending most of your energy keeping your shadow away from you.  It will help you connect to your true self and have a really fulfilling life.