Every Monday night at 7:00pm join the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy for Free Self-Improvement Classes with FIH Staff.  Visit us at www.tfioh.com or call 800-551-9247 to enroll for online classes and access to all past recordings.  Topics include Creating and Manifesting, Life Mastery Course, NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Past-Life Regression, Self-Hypnosis, The History of Hypnotism, The Business of Hypnotherapy, Hypnosis for Weight Loss.  The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy offers state-licensed diplomas/certifications in certified, clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapy through the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners. Trainings  begin at a 20-hour introduction to 300, 400 and 500 hours of training with a total number of hours at over 650.  FIH continually works to raise the standards of hypnotherapy education by coordinating our school catalog with the Florida Department of Education.  FIH utilizes advanced distance learning systems to deliver it education both online and in-house where students can attend classes live or through recordings.  In-house practical hours and online and in-house exams ensure student proficiency and comprehension.  A team of certified instructors and examiners work with mentors and supervisors to offer a student experience unlike any other.  FIH offers strong graduate support in hypnotherapy with an in-house clinical internship, elective topics, CEU programs and an extensive in-house and online library.  The Institute’s online hypnosis training resources now amount to thousands of hours of audio, video and power point presentations.  Advanced advertising and marketing training occur during the training and afterwards as CEUs to help increase graduate success.  Personal advertising and marketing training is available for very dedicated students with a strong desire to succeed.  Join us each week for Free Hypnosis Self-Improvement classes or sign-up for a free webinar to watch a class live or to have a personal one-on-one school tour with an FIH associate.  Visit www.tfioh.com or call us at 800-551-9247