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Peace Under All Circumstances

Is it possible to be at peace no matter what happens to you?  What if life could be lived fully with an open heart in an unwavering state of peace?


In this short, simple book, Matthew Brownstein guides you through The 10 Questions that correctly answered always lead to a state of profound peace. In time, this becomes a state to which you can gradually return more and more each day.


This book explores and cultivates attitudes that lead to unconditional peace. It explains how to meditate to know peace, how to surrender to life, how to live with an open heart and how to transform negative emotions back into love, light and peace. The application of these principles keeps us exceptionally human, while still allowing us to live in the true peace of who we are as spiritual beings.

The Sacred Geometry of Meditation by Matthew Brownstein

As a supplement to Hypnotherapy Training, enjoy Matthew's Second Edition reprint of The Sacred Geometry of Meditation.  This book inspires the essence of the school as it is rooted in the principles of harmony, love and service to others.  There is no need to understand mathematics as the meditation process is truly intuitive.  This book will take your understanding of altered states to new levels and help to guide you in your path towards personal wholeness.


The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment by Matthew Brownstein

This is the Second Edition of Matthew's classic work on the healing and enlightenment process that occurs within the hypnotherapy model.  It is rooted in a path of love and service and empowers hypnotherapists with a way of thinking that truly yields miraculous results.

This book is part of our Clinical Hypnotherapy Training as it dives deep into the metaphysics that inspire our school's curriculum.

Interpersonal Hypnotherapy by Matthew Brownstein

Honoring the Sacred in Transformational Relationships

Relationships reside at the heart of all true transformation.  Interpersonal Hypnotherapy honors the sacredness of each and every relationship and brings this understanding to a profound style of Hypnotherapy as pioneered by Matthew Brownstein, CHT.   The Interpersonal Hypnotherapy philosophies and protocols have nurtured the very essence of what it means to truly join with another with the intention of transforming lives at very deep levels.

Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is now the next wave of this work that incorporates high educational standards along with a depth of spirituality that stands to revolutionize the profession of Hypnotherapy as whole.


25 Subliminal Programming Sessions - Royalty-Free Music

Including Smoking and Weight Loss Royalty-Free Subliminal Programming, this package includes 25 subliminal programming recordings.  Each recording is about 20 to 25 minutes long and includes embedded suggestions for each topic.  This music can be played alone or as background music in client sessions.  Including in this download are 25 Word Documents with about 10 suggestions each.  These are the written version of the exact suggestions embedded in the music through the voice of Matthew Brownstein.

*This product can be used for client sessions, yet it cannot be used for products which are monetized publicly on YouTube.

Contains about 6 unique pieces of music, which are perfect for relaxation and client sessions.

Click on the image to see the full list of all 25 topics...

Intuition and Psychic Development  - 8-Hour CEU Course

Have you ever desired to be able to instantly tap into your own inner-knowingness to make truly inspired life decisions?  Perhaps you’ve wondered about ways to develop your intuitive and even psychic abilities in a way that you can use both personally and professionally?  And perhaps there is simply a part of you that desires to connect with a deeper source, your spirit guides or what you may even call “The Voice for God Within”?

If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions then we are pleased to introduce you to Intuitive Counselor, Mary Hayes.  Mary is a very gifted clairvoyant, channel and medium who brings her gifts to the world while empowering others to realize that we all have these intuitive gifts as well.  This 8-Hour CEU Course was designed to help you to tap into your own inner guidance and to find your YES! read more...


Self-Hypnosis and Meditation - 8-Hour CEU Course

It is with great pleasure that I offer you this course on the basics of self-hypnosis and meditation.  For me it was extraordinarily pleasurable to create these videos as for every meditation that I shared with you I got to go into myself.  With the essential aim of this course to be that of being more calm, relaxed and at peace, I can truly say that anyone who watches these videos will find more serenity and more ease within their bodies and their minds.  The teachings here are far more experiential rather than intellectual, as students inevitably learn all of the information while in an altered state. Read more... 

Advanced Eye Movement Therapy - 8-Hour CEU Course

Welcome to this powerful series of videos that will guide you through an advanced understanding of Eye Movement Therapy as taught at the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy and through the International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists.  Each of the 7 videos that account for 8 total hours of training can be accessed immediately for instant download.


Upon completing all videos in this CEU course you receive your IAIH CEU Certification.

The Anahat Meditation System: A Novel about Sacred Geometry, the Human Form and Spiritual Development

The Anahat Meditation System is a fictional account of a monastic community who enshrine and preserve the lineage of The Anahat Teachings. This novel explains the Anahat Meditation System as found within Matthew Brownstein's book, The Sacred Geometry of Meditation. Here the inquiring student and practitioner of the meditation system will find a delightful and exceptionally deep exploration of The Anahat Teachings and the incredible potentials of mystical experience and Divine Love that the system inspires. The story begins in the early 1800s when a young man named Myckal Divane is initiated into a sacred wisdom tradition in a hidden monastery deep in the Adirondack mountains. Living in seclusion, the novice monk slowly learns the teachings of this sacred mystical order and then gradually unfolds into a profound spiritual awakening. This book is essential for anyone practicing Anahat Meditation and for anyone who truly wants to understand the full potentials of the Anahat Teachings.

Shining Leaf by Sara Linda Long

Shining Leaf by Sara Long,CCHt -  IIH Gradaute

Human consciousness is evolving rapidly now and change is inevitable. As we begin to understand the power of our thought and the oneness of all being, we must take responsibility for our thinking and learn to purify it. By clearing out negative beliefs and perceptions we can bring the conscious mind into congruency with the feeling mind and align our will with the power of love and compassion. With this, amazing changes occur, both in our own lives and the lives of others. This is how miracles work. This is the way to heal ourselves and our world. Join Sara Linda Long, CCHt as we explore her life journey, her journey through A Course in Miracles and her deeply personal transformations at the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy.


How Big is Your But? by Rene Brent, CCHt - IIH Graduate

In How Big Is Your BUT? Rene Brent – Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and RN for over 25 years, takes you on a fascinating journey that will help you gain understanding about what is keeping you stuck and holding you back from Peace, Calm and Happiness. Because we are not taught how to manage fear, worry, anxiety or stress, we ignore it, push it down and tell ourselves to “get over it.”

When we ignore our emotions and false beliefs, they will eventually show up somewhere in our lives or our bodies, often as a destructive pattern, physical pain or illness. This book is focused on looking within, gaining awareness and getting rid of the blocks or Big BUTS. A BUT may sound something like, I want to be happy BUT… I want to be a success BUT… I want to lose weight BUT…

Rene gives you easy to follow exercises at the end of the each chapter to teach you how to get out of your own way so you can begin to find your version of happiness and confidence. She teaches you how to get straight to the “Boss” – the subconscious mind, to help you take back your power, feel inspired and feel alive again. Big dreams, Little BUTS!

How Big Is Your BUT? Includes chapters that address how to manage the negative voice you may hear everyday. Chapters include – Let’s Talk About The F Word, which beautifully handles the challenges of Forgiveness and the relief and freedom we receive when we chose to let go of anger and guilt as well as the immense benefits of getting more Sleep.

My Highway to Hypnosis, by Cheryll A. Robertson - IIH Graduate

Cheryll is CHt(Certified Hypnotherapist), a CCHt (Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist) and a CTHt (Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist) with over 500 hours of training. She is also a member of the IAIH (International Association of Interpersonal Hypnotherapists)

Hypnotherapy is all about restoring a person to a state of peace and wholeness. No matter what has happened in a person’s life, hypnotherapy can help to remove blocked memories, heal emotional wounds and restore emotional balance. By utilizing Hypnotherapy we can free ourselves of the cocoon of false beliefs and thoughts, so that we can bloom into the beautiful butterfly that lives within all of us.

Audio Downloads by Matthew Brownstein

Peace Under All Circumstances Audio Book

Audio book as read by author Matthew Brownstein.  Contains the entire book available in an online mp3 download of 2 files.

Creating and Manifesting Teachings and Meditation


Creating and Manifesting is a twelve-step process designed to align the mind to tap into the incredible creative power that resides within all of us.  There is no limit to our ability to bring abundance, health and well-being into our lives.  The truth is that all of this goodness is already there and waiting for us – we do not need to create it at all.  True creating and manifesting opens us to the truth that Divine Mind has already created all that is and that to open to this abundance we simply need to align our minds to do so....

Manifesting Prosperity Audio Series


Utilize the power of your mind to manifest financial prosperity through:

  • Morning Hypnotic Programming
  • Evening Hypnotic Programming
  • Creating and Manifesting Meditation for Prosperity
  • Prosperity Suggestions and Affirmations
  • Prosperity Subliminal Programming

Opening the Heart


True personal and spiritual growth always begins with an open heart.  When we close our hearts we limit ourselves to the experience of life and love.  Without knowing what to do with our emotions we always remain blocked and unsatisfied.

The first and second recordings of this set is an introductory talk on this theme and offers many practical ways to open fully to one’s emotions and how to transform them effectively.

The third recording of this set is a mediation that allows for an open heart  to occur naturally and effortlessly....

Peace Under All Circumstances Audio Package

Save $20 on purchasing 3 Peace products together:

Peace Under All Circumstances Audio Book: Normally $19.95

Peace Under All Circumstances 5 Meditations: Normally $19.95

Peace Under All Circumstances Suggestions and Subliminals: Normally $14.95

Regular price if purchased individually is $54.85.  Receive a $20 discount and get all 9 recordings for only $34.85.

The Sutras on Healing and Enlightenment Audio Book and Meditation

These audio downloads include:

1. The Sutras as read by the author, Matthew Brownstein, without the commentary that appears in the book.  They are meant to be listened to as a meditation to be absorbed through repetitive listening.

2. Guided Healing Meditation guiding the participant into a hypnotic state to receive the healing power and processes of the Sutras themselves.

Workbook and Audio Series by Matthew Brownstein

Astral Projection - The Out-of-Body Experience


The ability to leave the physical body and to travel consciously and voluntarily is available to anyone who is willing to align themselves to the ability.  The out-of-body experience is an amazing way to know that you are indeed spirit and not matter.  Not only does the ability open us to incredible worlds and dimensions outside of the physical plane, but it inevitably requires that our spiritual growth unfolds in the process. 

The Life Mastery Course with Matthew Brownstein

Life Mastery Course – The Getting Organized & Creating and Manifesting Processes


Life Mastery is being successful in all areas of our life.  This workbook includes in-depth explanations of two very powerful processes that enable this to happen....

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