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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is defined as a natural, yet altered, state of mind marked by a high degree of suggestibility where there is communication with the subconscious mind. With hypnosis we can help ourselves and others to tap into the incredible resources of our innermost being. Through the hypnotic state we can reprogram limiting behaviors, change old out-dated belief systems and resolve negative emotions. With access to the subconscious we can empower ourselves and those we work with to live much more fulfilling and successful lives. With this model of inner transformation we embark upon a true path of self-discovery and personal empowerment.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the art and practice of utilizing transformational techniques and principles in conjunction with hypnosis. In this model, the hypnotherapist serves as a "facilitator" who assists his or her clients towards moving into greater experiences of personal wholeness and well-being. A hypnotherapist utilizes hypnotism training and personal experience in the service of assisting others to experience greater states of health, happiness, prosperity and love.

Modern professional hypnosis has come a long way since the days of the early Mesmerists. Increasingly, hypnosis is becoming mainstream and widely accepted as a method for helping people to overcome addiction, relieve pain, reduce stress and to reach goals that were previously out of reach. While hypnotherapy is not intended to replace psychiatric or medical treatment, it has proven itself to be a powerful complementary therapy when utilized by a highly trained professional.




Hypnotherapy Training at the Institute

Matthew Brownstein's hypnotherapy training program in professional clinical hypnotherapy at the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy is considered an "advanced level course." This is not a weekend workshop, but rather is a state licensed hypnotism school that offers hypnosis training that meets and exceeds most industry standards for creating ethical and professional hypnotherapists.

Our hypnotism training programs focus on in-depth instruction of the most modern and powerful hypnotherapy methods available. Take the time to review our Hypnotherapy Programs and you will see just how diverse this education really is. Instead of just training you with a few hypnotic inductions and letting you read from a script, you will learn every component necessary for the mastery of this wonderful career. Our graduates are trained to very high levels of competence in the practice of hypnotism and hypnotherapy, where a very generous portion of the curriculum is spent on learning how to build, run and market a successful professional hypnotherapy practice. Immediately after graduation you will be able to begin assisting people to reach their goals as one of the most highly trained professionals in the field of hypnotherapy.

At the Institute you will experience:

- Classroom hours learning all of the basics of hypnotism and hypnotherapy as well as many advanced techniques that take you far beyond what can be learned from a home-study course.

- Supervised clinical practice. You will induce hypnosis on others as well as go into hypnosis yourself many countless times throughout your hypnosis training.

- A modern curriculum, designed to maximize learning, that pulls from many diverse traditions and sources of hypnosis, healing and wisdom schools.

- A caring, compassionate and supportive atmosphere that honors the sensitive nature of the process that you will be going through. We know that this is more than just an education in hypnosis. For you it will become a journey into personal transformation that is honored and respected.

- An environment that acknowledges that you already are gifted and have an incredible store of resources to offer your fellow classmates, instructors and the world at large once you get out into professional practice.

On becoming an IAIH Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist through The Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy

A quality education in hypnotherapy is priceless. If you do your research, you will find that the Institute offers a level of training that is two to three times more comprehensive than most others. This is not a weekend workshop or an accelerated course in the basics of hypnosis. Our 500 hours of training provide you with an extremely solid foundation for a successful career as a professional hypnotherapist. By completing the first Program of the Institute's training you earn the professional title of "Hypnotherapist" and by completing the next two Programs you qualify for becoming a "Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist" and a "Transpersonal Hypnotherapist."

This is a level of training that you can be proud of. You will honestly be able to say that your hypnosis training is amongst the highest in the country. As there is currently no state or federal system of licensing for hypnotherapists it is quite easy for someone to take hypnotherapy training online and claim to be a hypnotherapist. It is the aim of the IAIH and the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy to maintain the highest standards in which to learn hypnosis. With this aim in mind, you will be assured of an exceptional quality hypnosis and hypnotherapy training.

Our Professional Hypnotherapy Training Includes:

Multiple Styles of Hypnotism
Suggestion Therapy
Intuitive Hypnotherapy
Stress Management & Anxiety Reduction    
Hypnosis in Healing & Pain Management
Transpersonal Hypnotherapy
Inner Child Work
Hypnotic Breathwork
Emotional Release Techniques
Modified Gestalt Work
Clinical Hypnosis
Ericksonian Hypnotherapy
Guided Imagery/Visualization
Analytical Hypnotherapy
Hypnotic Dreamwork
Regressive Hypnosis
Life Mastery Work
Business & Practice Management Skills
Tools for Marketing a Successful Practice    
Natal Regression Hypnotherapy
Behavior Modification Techniques
Accelerated Methods of Healing
Parts Therapy
Medical Hypnosis
Hypnosis for Childbirth
Hypnosis for Dentistry
Hypnosis and Medical Referrals
Core Transformation
Forgiveness Training
Hypnosis for Weight Loss & Stop Smoking
Past-Life Regression
Yogic Philosophy and Psychology
Multiple Systems of Meditation
Ethics, Semantics and Hypnosis Law
The History of Hypnotism

and so much more...


Director/Teacher/Mentor/Supervisor Training at FIH


FIH continues to grow and to expand as we raise the standards of Hypnotherapy training.  Each staff member receives extensive training far exceeding Florida Department of Education standards.  FIH trainers visit, inspect and train staff at IAIH Approved Externship Locations and out of our Corporate Offices in Tampa.  Admissions and Executive Staff members are also trained with standards exceeding those required by the Commission for Independent Education and in coordination with the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges. 

Below you will find a brief synopsis of some of the educational objectives that FIH utilizes. These include:

- Program Outlines

- Course Objectives

- Student Learning Outcomes

- Distance Learning Teacher Trainer Programs

- Supervisor Training Programs

- Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives



Bloom's Taxonomy

In 1956 Benjamin Bloom's team of Educational Psychologists developed an important classification system that identified 3 levels or domains. These domains were called The Cognitive Domain, the Affective Domain and the Psychomotor Domain.

Within the context of the Cognitive Domain, Bloom's team identified 5 levels. These levels of intellectual behavior are fundamental in terms of establishing an upward momentum in terms of thinking and learning. The majority of pupils are only required to think at the lowest levels where recall of facts and information is required. Limited exposure to middle and higher order thinking means that pupils are not being expected to face more abstract concepts.  Distance Learning through FIH Systems is intended to cover Knowledge and Comprehension, while Practical Hours are intended to allow students time for Application, Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation.

The 5 levels of Bloom's taxonomy are:

Knowledge and Comprehension
This is the lowest level on Bloom's cognitive domain. It is associated with the recall of information, knowledge of subject matter as well as understanding basic facts.

Application relates to the using and applying of information. Problem solving methods are utilized and information is recorded, reported and manipulated.

Analysis specifically refers to the identification of patterns and the organization of ideas. It is strongly linked to the recognition of meaning. There is an emphasis towards examination, classification, investigation and comparison of ideas.

Synthesis focuses strongly on the creation of new ideas and the concept of invention, imagining, prediction, estimating, modifying, inferential thinking and hypothesizing. Ideas are combined and new concepts emerge.

Evaluation is the highest order of thinking on the taxonomy. It involves the assessing of theories, the use of higher order reasoning skills and the comparison, judgment and evaluation of ideas.

By using Bloom's Taxonomy as a guide, one is assured of an upward movement from lower level recall of information (Knowledge and Comprehension) to higher level synthesis and evaluation.

FIH Applications of Bloom’s Taxonomy:

Knowledge and Comprehension

Distance Learning with Live Instructor Lead Classes, Online Interactive Tutorials, Training Manuals, Online Student Resources and Online Examinations foster and test for student Knowledge and Comprehension.  Written exams given during in-house practical hours also provide a means for the Institute to evaluate a student’s knowledge and comprehension.



In-house practical hours are crucial for the practice of Hypnotherapy.  Here students learn under direct supervision what they were taught online. As each set of practical hours builds upon itself, core competencies are mastered over multiple in-house visits and are only tested for after 300 hours or more of training.



Each day of in-house training ends with Group Sharing and Discussion with the Director or Lead Supervisor.  Here students are encouraged to discuss techniques and protocols and to explain why each technique is used and how and why it brings about its intended aim.



At the end of most days of practical hours and after multiple sets of practical hours, many techniques begin to combine into complete protocols.  So called “pieces of the puzzle” come together not only in FIH protocols, yet also in the minds of the students as they understand how various aspects of their training come together.  This usually occurs for most students around 300 to 400 hours of training.



In the latter portions of online and in-house training, students are encouraged to evaluate the techniques they have been taught and to comment upon the videos and demonstrations that they have observed.  Group sharing and discussion allows for a refinement of FIH protocols and student comprehension and application.  Through Analysis, Synthesis and Evaluation, the teacher, the student and the Institute as a whole grow and expand in the development of core competencies and new methodologies for teaching and practice.


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Florida Hypnotherapy Law - Hypnosis may be practiced by anyone legally in the State of Florida within the scope of their training. For more information on Florida Hypnosis Law read our blog entry at: View


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