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Due to the increased demand for solely online training the Institute of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy is proud to offer our IAIH Certified Hypnotist distance learning training.  This 70-hour set of courses is delivered solely online.  These are the same hours that lead into our more advanced State-Licensed programs, thus making this is a great place to start your journey.

We’ve made it very simple and very easy.  Here’s how you can begin immediately:

Fill out the contact form below and you will get immediate access to our first 4.5 hours of online training at no charge. Let us excite you about the potentials of the power of your very own mind, a potential new career path and a very exciting way to help others.

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Your Online Training includes, the following courses with countless hours of bonus materials in our online library:

Program Objective

To study and learn the concepts that relate to the field of Hypnotism. To achieve fundamental skills in the use of hypnotic induction, deepening, testing and the effective delivery of suggestions. To teach basic protocols for smoking cessation, weight loss and stress reduction using hypnosis.  To educate students about the safe and effective use of hypnosis and its legal and ethical practice.  To prepare students with the basic skills of hypnosis as a non-career training, yet which could lead into additional career training with the Institute.


Program Description

A comprehensive 70 clock hour series of courses to teach the theory and practice of the fundamentals of hypnotism.


Length of Time: Approximately 7 weeks

Graduation Requirements: Must have a minimum of 2.0 G.P.A. and must complete the program within the acceptable time frame.


This program consists of 1 section, with approximately 7 weeks of training, containing approximately 15 clock hours of online class weekly. No entrance exam is required.


In order to complete this program the student is required to take and pass the IAIH’s online examination for certification as a hypnotist (Fundamentals of Hypnotism exam), and is therefore prepared accordingly.


Upon completion of this program, the IAIH will award a Certification entitled: Hypnotist.

Class Code


Clock Hours





Building Rapport



Depth of Hypnotic State



Understanding the Subconscious Mind



The Structure of a Hypnotic Session



Styles of Trance Induction



Deepening Techniques



Effective Suggestion Delivery






Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming



Smoking Cessation Protocol



Weight Loss Protocol



Stress Reduction Protocol


Total Clock Hours



Course Descriptions

HT101 - Introduction - (15 clock hours)
Introduces students to the nature of hypnosis, theories of hypnosis, the legal
practice of hypnosis and the history of hypnosis.  Myths and misconceptions concerning the hypnotic state are dispelled and a solid foundation for the study of hypnotism is established.

HT102 - Building Rapport - (2.5 clock hours)
Students are introduced to the importance of rapport between the hypnotist and the client and various skills are learned and practiced to ensure this is well understood.  

HT103 - Depth of Hypnotic State - (2.5 clock hours)

Prepares students for understanding the various levels of hypnosis and their relationship to suggestibility.  Various scales are discussed and a thorough understanding of the full range of hypnotic phenomena is explained.

HT104 - Understanding the Subconscious Mind - (5 clock hours)

Theories concerning the nature of the mind are discussed where students come to understand the relationship of the conscious mind to the subconscious mind.  This Course includes the functions of the subconscious mind, ways to access it and understanding how to utilize its power to create positive change.

HT105 - The Structure of a Hypnotic Session - (5 clock hours)
Prepares students to successfully complete an entire hypnotic Programming session based upon a format of rapport building, education and pre-talk, followed by trance induction, testing and the effective delivery of suggestions and trance termination.

HT106 - Styles of Trance Induction - (5 clock hours)

Prepares students to develop the necessary skills to induce hypnotic trance with multiple styles including paternal, maternal, confusion and mechanical styles of hypnosis. Induction methods are also covered from each of these styles.

HT107 - Deepening Techniques - (5 clock hours)

Prepares students to deepen the hypnotic state after hypnotic inductions have been utilized.  Instructs students in multiple styles of deepening and associates various tests to ensure depth of trance based upon suggestibility.
HT108 - Effective Suggestion Delivery - (5 clock hours)

Prepares students to deliver suggestions and affirmations to a hypnotized subject.  The structure of proper suggestion is taught as well as multiple hypnotic adjuncts to assist in accessing the subconscious mind.

HT109 - Self-Hypnosis - (2.5 hours)

Prepares the student to enter the hypnotic state for him/herself, as well as how to teach hypnosis to others.  This Course encourages self-entrancement and teaches that all hypnosis is really self-hypnosis as it works to encourage the hypnotist to empower his/her client to enter the trance state on his/her own.

HT110 - Basic Neuro-Linguistic Programming - (10 clock hours)

Prepares the student in the basic practice of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in establishing and working with anchors, hypnotic language patterns and other NLP techniques related to the practice of hypnotism.  Also introduces the student to the basic presuppositions of NLP, its origins and its practice within and outside of the fields of hypnosis.

HT111 - Smoking Cessation Protocol - (5 clock hours)

Prepares the student for an entire treatment strategy in working with a client to stop smoking using hypnosis and NLP.  Students learn a powerful three session protocol to assist clients not only stopping smoking but eliminating the subconscious motivation towards the behavior.

HT112 - Weight Loss Protocol -  (5 clock hours)

Prepares the student for an entire treatment strategy in working with a client to lose weight and to create a healthy lifestyle using hypnosis and NLP.  Students learn a powerful three session protocol to assist clients to not only lose weight, but also to eliminate the subconscious blocks towards achieving their goals.

HT113 - Stress Reduction Protocol - (2.5 clock hour)

Prepares the student to utilize various relaxation methods to bring more peace and calm into their client’s lives.  Techniques include the use of hypnosis, NLP, relaxation and meditation techniques.


When you are ready, then you can officially enroll in our first 20 hours of training for only $300.  $200 of that is refundable if you decide not to continue.

After that, then you can enroll in the Online Hypnotist Training for only another $557.50. At $12.25 per clock hour for IIH Online Training, the complete program only costs you a total of $857.50 to become a Certified Hypnotist through a State-Licensed Hypnotherapy School.


Financing is avaialable for those who qualify with payments as low as $99 per month.

Students watch our first 70 hours of Online Interactive Tutorials, log their pass-codes to track attendance, take an online quiz, and then receive an IAIH Hypnotist Certification.  All of this is done digitally and from the comfort of your own home.  Then if you decide to continue on with our State-Licensed Hypnotherapy programs, we apply your already paid tuition and attendance earned towards our more advanced diplomas.

This is a simple and easy way to get started and we’ll be there to support you every step of the way.


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