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Interpersonal Hypnotherapist Training

Interpersonal Hypnotherapist CEU Certification Course


Welcome to the exciting and revolutionary world of Interpersonal Hypnotherapy!  Here you will discover the power of combining highly-refined hypnotherapy skillsets with deep spiritual traditions.  Interpersonal Hypnotherapy simply takes everything you’ve already learned to the next level.

This 22-hour CEU Certification Course consists of:

1.  Direct training with Matthew Brownstein, CIHt – Founder and Current IAIH President
2.  Videos from the 2015 IAIH Conference, including theory, meditations, group exercises and Power Point Presentations
3.  Two complete Interpersonal Hypnotherapy Sessions to watch and learn from.

This training is meant for FIH/IIH graduates with over 500 hours of training, yet can be taken by any hypnotherapist with 300 hours or more of State-Licensed Training.

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive a CEU Certification as an Interpersonal Hypnotherapist through the IAIH and are entitled to use the letters CIHt after you name.


Order Directly Online for Institute Graduates and those with over 300 hours of training from a State-Licensed Hypnotherapy school.  For more information about qualifying to take this course or to order over the phone please call us at 1-800-551-9247.

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