Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy

20-Hour Introductory Training

Introduction to Hypnosis - 20 hours of Hypnosis Training

Here students take approximately the first 20 hours of training to "get their feet wet." These hours are taken online  as an example of our distance learning system. These hours also count towards one's overall training and students can always continue at a later date. A $300 deposit is required to hold your seat for class ($200 of which is fully refundable).   Each clock hour is $17.50 for IIH training. Students enrolled in these 20 hours are not officially enrolled, yet can easily transfer their status to being a regular student if they wish to continue the training.  It's a nice way to "try us out" without making any larger commitments. You can even begin right now by calling (800) 551-9247 or emailing us at info@tfioh.com.


Call us Toll-Free at 800-551-9247 to discuss IIH Flexible Options or email us at info@tfioh.com.