Raising the Standards of Hypnotherapy

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist - Certification


To become an IAIH Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist through IIH and to receive State-Licensed diplomas a student must take the following three sections that make up the Program of Study - Hypnotherapist. as well as the Program of Study - Transpersonal Hypnotherapist.  This includes:

FH - Fundamentals of Hypnotism - 100 Hours
AH - Advanced Hypnotism - 100 Hours
HT - Hypnotherapist - 100 Hours
CH - Clinical Hypnotherapist - 100 Hours (Optional for Transpersonal Training)
TP - Transpersonal Hypnotherapist - 100 Hours

Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Certification is granted after these 300 hours of Hypnotherapist Training are complete.  Program CH - Clinical Hypnotherapist is optional.  The total training with all Programs is 500 hours.

Program of Study – Transpersonal Hypnotherapist

TP - Transpersonal Hypnotherapist - A diploma in Transpersonal Hypnotherapist is granted for the successful completion of this Program.  Completion of Hypnotherapist is required for attending this Program.

Program Objective

To study and learn the concepts that relate to theories of reincarnation and karma and how to successfully use the hypnotic state to access past-life memories.  To provide the student with a metaphysical/transpersonal model of a human being so as to create hypnotherapists who can offer a spiritual component to their work.

Program Description
A comprehensive 100 clock hour Program to teach the theory and practice of past-life regression therapy and other more esoteric concepts often associated with hypnotherapy practice.


Class Code


Clock Hours


Macro- and Microcosmology



Theories of Reincarnation and Karma



Yogic Philosophy and Psychology



Past-Life Regression Therapy



Life-Between-Life Regression



Special Instances of Altered State Work



Out-of-Body Experiences and Remote Viewing



Stages of Spiritual Growth






Practical Hours


Total Clock Hours


Completion of the Hypnotherapist Program is required to attend this Program.  Completion of the Clinical Hypnotherapist Program is not required to attend this Program.  Upon completion of this Program, the Institute will award a diploma (received when all training is complete.)  Completing this Program, including Hypnotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist training concludes the 500 hour training through the Institute and awards upon the student all Institute Diplomas and IAIH Certification.

Course Descriptions

TP601 - Macro- and Microcosmology - (5 clock hours)
An in-depth look into a metaphysical model of the universe and its genesis, as well as the human beings place within this macrocosmic order.   This Course begins the Transpersonal work of the Institute’s training where a human being is seen as having a spiritual side that becomes exceptionally empowering in the healing process.

TP602 - Theories of Reincarnation - (5 clock hours)
Models of multiple lifetimes are covered.  Along with the traditional models of reincarnation we also explore theories of transmigration and the oversoul theory, while looking at how unresolved karma effects current life situations.

TP603 - Yogic Philosophy and Psychology - (5 clock hours)
A detailed look into the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the Yogic model of the psyche and the Spirit.  This Course explores the causes of human suffering and a means for eliminating this suffering through the practice of Samadhi meditation.

TP604 - Past-Life Regression Therapy - (20 clock hours)
Prepares the student to facilitate a past-life regression session including; pre-talk and education, trance induction and deepening to access past-life memories, processing past-life information, working with the interlife space, working with guides/higher wisdom, processing unresolved karma and integrating new understandings into the present life situation.


TP605 - Life-Between-Life Regression - (10 clock hours)
A deeper look into the use of hypnosis to explore the time known as “life-between-life,” where the Transpersonal Hypnotherapist facilitates a thorough review of the events that occur after a past-life and before the next incarnation.        

TP606 - Special Instances of Altered State Work - (10 clock hours)
 Based largely upon the work of Winafred Blake Lucas, PhD and Dr. Edith Fiore we explore the nature of entity attachment and how such energies effect clients.  This Course explores ancient and modern theories of possession and the means for releasement.  The use of hypnosis for uncovering memories of alien abduction and other esoteric concepts are also covered.

TP607 - Out-of-Body Experiences and Remote Viewing - (5 clock hours)
This Course helps the student to understand and experience a deeper spiritual component to his or her being.  As many clients will have questions in this regard the student is empowered with this knowledge, as well as the methods of hypnosis used to facilitate experiences outside of the physical body, as well as the concept of remote viewing to use the altered state to have direct and verifiable experiences of what modern physicists call a non-local universe.

TP608 - Stages of Spiritual Growth - (5 clock hours)
Empowers the student with teachings from many of the world’s great wisdom traditions about an individual’s progress along the spiritual path.  This training helps the student to work with all clients regardless of their religious/spiritual background so as to facilitate progress for all who seek help.

TP609 - Meditation - (5 clock hours)
An introduction and deepening of the Meditation System as taught at Anahat Meditation Center and as found in the books The Sacred Geometry of Meditation and The Journals of Myckal Divane.  These teachings cover universal methods of meditation as well as a concrete system designed to facilitate exceptional meditation teachers and healers.

TP610 - Practical Hours - (30 clock hours)
Practical (hands-on) hours are interspersed throughout this Program to encourage students to practice each and every technique that they have been taught on their fellow students.  This allows students to not only practice what they are learning, but also to experience it for themselves.